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Bring Landscape and Hardscape together in harmony with our paver lights. Seamless transition from any paver shape to our paver lights. Easily installed by the lay person. Pop a paver out and pop our Paver lights in and VOILA!
Solar Paver Lights. Built-in solar panels recharge the AAA rechargeable batteries. Light sensor turns lights on automatically at night for 8+ straight hours on a charge.
These lights are perfect for enhancing the beauty of your landscaping, pathways and driveway at night. These unique and durable lights are constructed with an industrial grade glass.

TECHNOLOGY Built-in solar panels charge Ni-Cad battery for 8+ continuous light hours on a single charge, light sensor turns lights on automatically at night, 4 to 9 Ultra-bright LEDÂ’s per paver provide up to 100,000 hours of use.
DURABILITY Glass block designed to be water resistant, sun light discoloration resistant, vehicular and pedestrian crush resistant.